Waterfall D-Mannose 50g Powder


Waterfall D-Mannose is a pure natural glyconutrient extract of Sweet European Forest Timbers, used to 'support a healthy bladder'.


Many urologists and doctors now recommend Waterfall D-Mannose to their patients.
It is a very pure grade product, and we firmly believe there is nothing better on the market. With Waterfall D-Mannose soluble powder, you just get pure natural 100% bio-active mannose, that uses the entire mannose molecule.

Product Description If you have ever had cystitis you will know how debilitating it can be. It can take hold of your life, taking the joy from every day activities and replace it with pain. Bladder infections can also lead to major complications, from kidney infections to scarring in the bladder. Then there is thrush caused by Candida Albicans - almost always resulting from taking antibiotics which damage the immune system. Furthermore, repeat sufferers soon discover that antibiotics dont work after the first few times. The E.Coli bacteria that causes most episodes of cystitis rapidly builds up resistance to antibiotics. Cranberry can help with cystsitis but not if it is caused by E.Coli. D-Mannose is a completely natural substance that E.Coli cannot become resistant to. D-mannose is not a toxin like most antibiotics; it is a simple glyconutrient, naturally present in every cell in our bodies. Heres how the treatment takes effect: E.Coli binds itself to the Mannose receptors in the cells of the bladder. If we flood the urine with Mannose the effect is to protect the bladder cells as the E. Coli finds a richer source of Mannose in the immediate environment than it can find in tissue cells. A secondary effect is that the Mannose coats the cell receptors, providing less opportunity for the E.Coli to attach in the first place. It is foolproof and extremely effective. Furthermore, it has no side effects. Contra indications: Diabetics should monitor blood-sugar levels.

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