Mushrooms 4 Life Organic Mycomplex Powder 60g


MyComplex organic mushroom supplement combines three of the most respected mushrooms Reishi, Cordyceps, and Maitake, to provide all round support for health and vitality.

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Mushroom4Life Organic Lion’s Mane supplement carefully combines the best of Lion’s Mane mushroom for optimal benefits. Lion’s Mane ‘The Mountain Priest Mushroom’ is traditionally regarded as the mushroom for cognitive and nerve health.

Main Health Benefits **:

Dementia/Alzheimer's disease: Lion's Mane stimulates the generation of Nerve Growth Factor(NGF), thereforre supporting patients with mild dementia and low NGF factor.

Neuropathy: NGF also plays an important role in pain sensitivity and low levels of this are linked to neuropathy. Lion's main helps by stimulating the production of NGF.

Menopausal Syndrom: Some studies show that Lion's Mane can help improve sleeping disturbance, anxiety and hot flushes during menopause.


** If you are experiencing any symptoms always refer to a doctor before taking any supplement or medication. Do not use this information as a self-diagnosing tool or to start a treatment without consulting a health care practitioner first.


85% = Full-spectrum biomass of mycelium and young fruiting bodies grown on organic  brown rice under nature-identical conditions to provide a higher yield of a wide range of key active nutrients.

15% = Pure fruiting body to provide a superior level of bio-available beta glucans and more specific nutrients.


  • This product is naturally gluten, dairy and soya free.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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