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For sensitive digestions prone to cramping and discomfort.

  • Includes organic peppermint and lemon balm
  • Natural antispasmodic for sensitive stomachs or indigestion
  • Ideal for taking before food to stimulate digestion


Turn up the digestive heat with Your Flora Gold Spice

  • Contains organic turmeric and ginger for warming “cold” digestion
  • Support for chronic bowel complaints
  • High in antioxidants and polyphenols


Support for those prone to nervous digestive upset.

  • Includes organic chamomile and fennel seed
  • Natural support for bloating and wind
  • Traditional herbs for a Vata imbalance


For times when your good bacteria needs regeneration.

  • Contains prebiotics artichoke and chicory
  • Designed to regenerate the digestion
  • Suitable for post-antibiotic recovery


Designed to nurture a healthy digestive terrain.

  • Contains organic aloe vera and slippery elm herbs
  • Soothing and emollient for calming the GI tract
  • Muco-protective to support intestinal lining


Designed to be gentle enough for the whole family to use.

  • Gentle formula suitable for the whole family, including children
  • Safe for maintaining gut health
  • Can be used as a powder to mix easily into foods


Night Time is a soothing, bioactive blend of herbs including valerian, passion flower and hops, for a restful night’s sleep.

  • 500mg Night Time herbal complex per serving
  • For occasional relief of sleeplessness and anxiety
  • Relaxing blend with fermentation-activated supportive compounds


True Adaptogens is a practitioner-formulated, bioactive combination of herbs including red ginseng, ashwagandha, holy basil and rhodiola, to encourage balance and harmony in the body.

  • 560mg True Adaptogens herbal complex per serving
  • Four key herbs to support healthy energy levels
  • Traditional formula to enhance resilience to stress


Tranquillity is a practitioner-formulated, bioactive combination of herbs including lavender, ashwagandha and lemon balm, to support your inner peace.

  • 500mg Tranquillity herbal complex per serving
  • For approaching the day with a calm outlook
  • Rich in essential oils, antioxidants, and sensory compounds


Our Natural Nootropic supplement is a practitioner-formulated, bioactive combination of herbs including gingko, brahmi, green tea and lion’s mane, to naturally support clarity and performance.

  • 600mg Natural Nootropic herbal complex per serving
  • Ideal for situations requiring sharper focus and concentration
  • Rich in antioxidants and terpenoids for optimal mental function


Wisdom is a practitioner-formulated, bioactive combination of herbs including holy basil, gotu kola, matcha tea and lion’s mane, to support balance and wellbeing.

  • 600mg Wisdom herbal complex per serving
  • Supports mental clarity and balanced cognitive pathways
  • Ideal formula to support meditative practice


Once regarded as the ‘Emperor’s mushroom’, this special adaptogen is prized for its traditional support to physical performance and stamina.

  • 900mg fermented cordyceps mushroom per serving
  • Fermentation-enhanced compounds including cordycepin
  • Traditional tonic to restore vitality and energy

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