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We are now offering Complementary Therapies at our Middlesbrough and Guisborough store. You can call us to book an appointment.


Middlesbrough: 01642 219249

Guisborough: 01287 637074


A little introduction from our new therapists.




Hi, my names is Paula.


I have always been fascinated with anything to do with massage and essential oils, but what pushed me into training Complementary Therapies was after the birth of my child.

My child was born with a sluggish digestive system and was very constipated for the first year of life. I started my journey doing baby massage alongside a trained therapist. I fell in love instantly, where I witnessed the benefits of abdominal massage and how it helped with my child's constipation. From this I went looking to see if I could perform training in massage.

At first, I completed my training in hairdressing, due to the fact that the beauty/massage classes where full.  
When I was accepted for the beauty training, I was happy because I knew that I had to complete this beauty course before going onto my level 3 in a Swedish massage, facials and body electrical treatments.

After gaining my level 3 in massage, I then went onto perform a full year in Aromatherapy. Where after completing my Aromatherapy there was no stopping me.


I wanted to do more and more therapies, which spurred me to progress by attending Teesside University and completing a degree in (Bodyworks), which covered a lot of meridian work, deep tissue massage and policy work.
I then went onto perform a full year in studying Reflexology, which is one of many of my favourite therapies that I offer.

I continued to study Auricular Acupuncture (just ears). Where I continue to progress and learn to the point that, I have never stopped studying.


The most recent therapy that I have just completed is called Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).
Again, I am blown away by how powerful this therapy is. At present I have just enrolled in a new therapy that I will be announcing once I am qualified.


With regards to experience. I have 15 years under my belt, covering a wide range of therapies. Where I have 12 years of experience adapting treatments for complex patients.


The therapies that I will be offering at For Goodness Sake Middlesbrough are as follows:


  • Reflexology
    Aromatherapy massage
    Indian Head Massage
    Thermal Auricular Therapy (Hopi ear candles)
    Auricular Acupuncture (Ear only Acupuncture)
    Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
    Facials for pampering and relaxation.


I look forward to this new chapter in my life journey. And I look forward to meeting and treating new clients💚




Hi my names Katie,


I have always had a keen interest in Aromatherapy since leaving school all those years ago. A few years ago I felt the time was right to follow up my interests. I decided to enrol at Redcar and Cleveland college to study Complementary Therapies level 3.


I enjoyed it so much I went on to complete my level 4 in advance Aromatherapy. Following this I was lucky enough to gain experience in this field treating complex clients.


I can see how much pleasure clients get from their treatments.  A lot of the treatments I offer are adapted to their needs. It’s heart warming to know that I make a difference to my clients quality of life.


Along side this I have recently completed an MLD course. This is a very powerful treatment for the lymphatic system.

I’ve also just qualified in baby massage.


This qualification enables me to teach baby massage in a group session or one to one. Baby massage is often overlooked by a busy life style. I think it’s important to take time out with your baby. It helps with the bond between mother and baby. Also can help relax baby, help treat colic and constipation and a number of other conditions.


The treatments I will be offering are as follows; Facials, reflexology, aromatherapy massage, MLD treatment, Hopi ear candling, Indian head, baby massage.


Looking forward to working along side Paula and meeting new clients. 💚

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